Unlike many traditional foods, Thai food is not complicated to cook but has an abundance of aromatic ingredients needed to be used correctly for the meal to be perfectly consistent with the traditional recipes. Throughout the USA, there are plenty of great Thai restaurants to try out.

Here we look at some of the most popular Thai restaurants and eateries in the USA.

Khong River House, Miami


At Khong River House, clients can expect a menu full of meals that cover everything Southeast Asian Cuisine. They also present many Northern Thai options such as peppery green papaya salad, and crispy duck with green peppercorn and jalapeno garlic chives.

The outstanding chef, Clayton Miller, is to thank for the great recipes and tasty food. The setting is of reclaimed wood, Thai motorcycle license plates, birdcages, and fish traps. The bar also has an astonishing variety of 70 different types of gin.

Ayada, Queens, NY

Ayada is set in the heart of the Queens Thai community, close to a Thai Buddhist temple. The foods to offer are much spicier than you would find from some Thai restaurants in New York. The chef, Duangjai Thammasat, showcases Thailand in all its glory with an emphasis on southern curries.

The Kaeng som Curry is known as one of the favorites of many clients.

Phat Thai, Carbondale, Colo

Mark Fischer is the chef of Phat Thai in Carbondale. He started the restaurant without any experience of Thai food or even Thailand culture. He then did many research trips to Thailand and took part in cooking at the Michelin-starred Sailors Thai in Sydney. He then created Pat Thai as a non-traditional non-fusion Thai restaurant.

Some of the most popular meals from Phat Thai include Green Curry with Chicken and Phat Thai. The curry sauces are made in-house and require an astonishing 20 pounds of Thai Chiles each week of operation.

Among these fine restaurants, there are still plenty more to find online to experience the full Thai Experience in the USA. Enjoy spicy to mild, traditional to Fusion, and original Thai-inspired meals from any of these Thai restaurants.

Top Thai Restaurants in the USA