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Articles about Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is seen as a popular style of food throughout the world. Here readers can stay up to date on the best Thai food restaurants and eateries and information on the food. Thai cooking places its focus on lightly prepared meals with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge.

The traditional Thai cuisine loosely falls into four different categories including, tom, yam, tam, and gaeng, which are names distinguishing the meals from boiled dishes, salads, pounded foods, and curries. As the food has many different variants in stir-fries, curries, and even starters, there is always an abundance of meal choices available from the restaurants and eateries.

As Thailand and its neighboring countries, especially India, Malaysia, and Indonesia, have influenced each other with their cuisine and recipes, there are some differences to Thai food which sets its standard and elements to taste.

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Articles about Menus, Functions, and Bookings

As Thai food has become more popular in recent years, it can be quite a challenge getting a table at the more prestigious and popular Thai restaurants and eateries. Readers can learn all about bookings on House of Siam to know exactly how to plan bookings and be sure not to miss out on the perfect Thai Dining experience.

Functions at Thai restaurants are popular among many companies to get fellow partners and employees to relax in a casual dining environment while having fun with good food and experience something different from regular functions.

As Thai food is easily prepared, it’s the ingredients that make the food popular and why people should rather eat Thai cuisine from restaurants and eateries rather than trying their hand at preparing the food.

Traditional Thai food uses many aromatics and sometimes difficult-to-find ingredients, prepared in a specific manner to give it the flavor and aroma it is known for. In House of Siam, readers can learn all about the Menus and the ingredients used in the food and where to obtain these ingredients.

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